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It’s based on the stories that some of you so generously have shared with me during my time here in the city. – Sofia Hultin, 4.9.2013, Tiranë Democratic Party, welcomed today two LGBT activists, Xheni Karaj and Kristi Pinderi.

As any story about a city they are as subjective, fantastic, sad and hopeful as they are true. Documented lesbian history in Tirana, that is older than five years is next to non-existing and since no-one is writing our history for us – we have to write our own. He is the first Albanian PM to do so, after being the first Albanian politician to have declared himself in favor of same sex marriage, almost 4 years ago, after the elections of 2009.

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He had travelled “the length and breadth of the island, serving Pope Francis and previously Pope Benedict as the representative of the Holy See”.

TIRANA — Gay rights organizations in Albania have held their annual pride event without any disturbances, while the country's political opposition prepared for an unrelated national protest in the capital, Tirana.

Scores of bikers with multi-colored balloons and flags on Saturday started their mile-long (1.6 kms) ride passing past a tent pitched by the opposition in front of Prime Minister Edi Rama's office in downtown Tirana.

Bishop of Elphin Kevin Doran said Archbishop Brown “came among us as a diplomat, at a time when diplomacy was really needed, but he came with the heart of a pastor”.

Bishop Doran noted that Archbishop Brown had to devote “a significant amount of energy to the renewal of the Episcopal Conference”.