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If you think that it is the first time that an actor got into an ugly brawl with the co-star, then let us correct you. The recent incident of Kapil Sharma assaulting his co-star, Sunil Grover on a flight, rekindles our memory of some famous Bollywood fights.

Let’s see which all Bollywood celebrities engaged in ugly brawls with their fellow celebrities and fans.

She attended there Sophia High School later she did her graduation from Mount Carmel College.

At the time of high school, she played state level badminton .

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It all started with a joke but thing went way too ahead later.

Shah Rukh Khan & Shirish Kunder Shah Rukh Khan punched Shirish Kunder at a private party thrown by Sanjay Dutt.

He was nominated for Filmfare Award, IIFA Award, Stardust Award in the category of Best Debutant for the film Dhokha.

His next film Horn 'Ok' Pleassss, a comedy film where he played a double role opposite Nana Patekar, and Will You Marry Me?