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If the dates in your text column have values such as 2/2/2012, you would have to specify a format of 'm/d/yyyy' under Format of text columns in the dialog window.

These are some tips that I have found very helpful in constructing date/time formats: Once you’ve established a date/time format for a column, you might wish to change it so that it only shows mmm/yyyy instead of mmm/dd/yyyy.

But how many dates do you have to go on to find “the one”? D., of Indiana University in Bloomington, and Geoffrey Miller, Ph.

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When planning a project, aside from laying out the tasks that take you from beginning to end, you’re inevitably going to want to mark key dates along the way.

Minitab Help includes a nice list of valid date/time components, which can be accessed by clicking on the Help button in the lower left corner of the dialog for Change Data Type Text to Date/Time.

Here is an excerpt from that list: You’ll have to utilize these components to generate a format that Minitab understands.

When a new asset is added to the portfolio the change is calculated as New asset value vs the Old asset value.

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